Website: getting access + what can you do yourself

(Casper Cornelis Kroes) #1

Hello everyone,

This category will be filled in with tutorials of working with the website for PR-officers, board members and anyone else who wants to change things via the website Content Management System. This tutorial will not cover changing files and pushing them to GIT.

To get access to your specific website you need to create an account on . After you have done this you’ll need to contact the Head of IT System Administration (HoIT SA) and give them your USERNAME, together with you function in your organisation.

After you get access you can start making posts and modifying pages. Some things can only be done by the Heads of IT. Part of this is any major changes to the homepage. If you need to change the homepage of your branch website contact the Head of IT with a list of all changes you need. Another thing that can not be done from the Content Mangement System (found at www."(branch)" is adding pages and changing the navigation bar. For this you’d also need to contact the HoIT SA.

Next tutorial will be on making posts and editing pages, especially focussing on the lay-out. If you have any questions feel free to post them below. And if you ever have any IT-related issues feel free to send me a messages.

Kind regards,
Casper Kroes