Use the Forum as a Cloud to host PDF files


(Stefan Živković) #1


@r.riemann, how we can add the file (here in the forum, or in the website), that it can be open in preview (like in google drive), and then you share the link (meaning we can use forum as the place to store some files for the posts). I tried uploading the description for new Call for Partnership team, but you can only download it, it doesn’t give you opportunity to open it in separate window (like here

This is also important in a way to lower the dependency on google services, as we need this kind of things very often.

(Robert Riemann) #2

Hey Stefan,

why cannot you just put the text in a public topic in the forum and share the link to the topic? I do not see the need for a PDF file. This has also the advantage that the text always refloats to fit best the viewport of tables, desktop computers or phones.

Attachments are always configured for download. Maybe this can be changed for pdf files, but this requires a customisation of our forum.

(Robert Riemann) #3

Using a topic has a couple of advantages.