Adding categories to the forum

Hi all, especially hi @r.riemann,

I’m glad to see our team members are signing up to the Forum, and that’s a good development. In order to provide a better structure for the teams to work in, I suggest we set up a category for each of our teams.

We’re going to need the following sub-categories:

In the category “BETA”:

  • BETA Human Resources
  • BETA Concept & Partnerships
  • BETA Public Relations
  • BETA Fundraising
  • BETA Events
  • BETA Layout & Design
  • BETA Translation Services
  • BETA Legal Affairs

In the category “MEU Strasbourg”:

  • MEUS Content Team
  • MEUS CLO Team
  • MEUS PR Team
  • MEUS Workshops & Protocol Team
  • MEUS Local Support Team
  • MEUS Fundraising

This would have the following advantages:

  • There are defined categories for each team’s work, for the respective team members to easily see where to organise their work discussions in topic and easily find back to them
  • Other people from other teams will know where to address questions to that team to ==> vast improvement in cross-team working
  • All discussions pertaining to a team’s work can be easily bundled and browsed through in one place

In addition, it would be a good idea to post a pinned topic somewhere where all the mention shortcuts are listed. I think you set up a few nice tricks there to mention specific groups of people with one handle, but it would be good to have a full list for people to see, so that they can be aware of them and know where to check back for reference if needed.

Lastly, who currently has admin rights to the forum? Is it just you, @r.riemann?

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One from topic forum can only have one category. So I think it’s better to have groups and tags for each team. I already set up tags for all BETA teams. I am busy right now, but I think I can work on it this weekend. Admins are listed here: @admins

What do you mean exactly? That you have to choose which category to post a topic in, and that you can’t have a topic listed in more than one category?

If that’s the case, then I don’t think that matters too much. It makes sense for each discussion to have a place - makes them easier to find again. If we work with tags, the division into categories will be less visible and only become apparent when people actively filter for them - I think people would use the forum more if they found a clearly defined space for their team, it’s more intuitive.

Exactly. Topics cannot be listed in multiple categories at the same time.

I agree. We have tag overview pages you can reach by clicking on the tag. Here is the one for technology:

You can also configure notifications separately based on tags (via the overview page) and I plan to set sensible defaults for all MEUS/BETA members. Seperate categories would allow to restrict write/read access, but for private discussions we have already messages to groups.

A summary of the last two weeks:

  • In the BETA Team Google Sheet, I added a new column for the user accounts. With the exception of few PR officers and Head of Legal affairs, the whole BETA 2017 team has an account now. I invited all those that provided a mail address.
  • Whole MEU Strasbourg 2017 team is also on board.
  • I created all tags for MEUS and BETA plus one to tag meeting [minutes](/ tags/minutes).

Manually, I made all group members watching their respective tag, so that e.g. the whole fundraising team is notified of topics tagged with fundraising.

What is missing?

  • write a short, but comprehensive text to explain, when it’s best to write a PM to one or more teams, create a private/public topic, tag a topic, mention teams.
  • make sure the missing people get as soon as possible an account and make them also watching their team tags.
  • thinking about the migration of the BETA Newsletter (powered by Mailchimp) and BETA Board mailings to this forum
  • improve Forum security: add https (for free with